Both our servicing levels include parts and labour in the cost. You will not have to pay anything extra for these (except in exceptional circumstances and we will contact you before proceeding if this is the case).

Standard Service
While you wait repair service
Postal Service
Servicing Details Form

Faults on your machine that are not related to a cracked or damaged display, will be covered by the standard service. This includes (but is not limited to) cosmetic damage (at the discretion of our Engineers), broken hinges and springs, faulty infrared and serial ports, broken keyboards and circuit board failure i.e. a dead machine. If your machine has more than one fault, all faults will be covered under a single one service charge which includes parts and labour. If you suspect damage to the screen cable (sometimes called the ribbon cable) that connects the screen to the circuit board, please look at Screen Cable Repairs below. The decision that a machine is covered by a Standard Service is at the discretion of POS.

If you do not supply POS with the password for your machine (or disable it) then we will be unable to retain any data during a service. Please include your password with any machine sent into POS.

Data recovery and data transfer price from £50.00 plus return postage of £6.20 in the UK.

We can recover some forms of corrupt data, agendas and some data files. We can transfer data i.e contacts to another pda, either psion to psion or psion to another unit.

Take advantage of our on the spot repair service, this is done by appointment only and will cost an additional charge of £10.00 on top of the repair charge.
Please call the office number to book an appointment +44 (0) 208 665 5609 (please note this is for repairs to the Psion pda's excluding Revo, S7 and Netbook).

If you are unsure of the nature or the cause of the fault or you are in need of a second opinion, then you can request an inspection. Our engineers will run a diagnostic on your machine and decide upon the correct level of service, which will be determined during the inspection. If you proceed with the repair following an inspection, the inspection fee will be waived and you will be asked to pay the appropriate charge.

Our postal service has an average turnaround time of three to five working days. For larger numbers of machines it is best to contact us first and discuss your requirements.