I am delighted to welcome you to Club PDA, your leading centre of excellence for PDAs since 1995. Club PDA has a well-earned reputation for supporting Psion’s and Psion-related products, which has resulted in numerous credits in the press and trade publications. Founded in 1995 by Director Paul E Pinnock, it is now the UK’s only support centre for Psion technology. Club PDA is a Psion and Symbian Licensee with an exclusive market for the Series 5/5mx range and can offer you a complete one-stop solution to all your PDA needs; from machine repairs, through to data recovery, file transfers, installations and configurations, we can offer you everything you could possibly need to keep your machine in perfect running order.

Our team has expanded to take on board continuing challenges such as technical support and corporate solutions. Since our establishment, our rich history and market knowledge have helped us develop new avenues for other digital products. After ten years as a Psion Service Centre, Club PDA has now become the home for your PDAs.

We have built up a tradition of excellent customer relations over the years providing predominantly Psion servicing. As we move into the 21st century and the business matures, we plan to continue the evolution of the business by developing a modern keyboard PDA; however we will remain supportive to servicing a wider range of platforms and Pocket PC’s. Our business will continue to support you, whatever your choice.

Within our new facilities customers now have access to a restaurant as well as a customer parking bay at the front of the building.

All correspondents and devices for repair must be redirected or sent to the new address as given above.